March 17, 2018

It's Time to Appeal Your Property Taxes In New Trier Township

Property tax appeal form

New Trier property owners: you have until April 19, 2018 to appeal your property taxes.

Once that's done, you then have until April 29 to provide supporting evidence for your appeal.

Each year the Cook County Board of Review opens each township for property tax appeals. The appeal window is open only for a month at a time and only a few townships are open for appeal at any given time. There's no master schedule published showing when each township will be open. You have to stay on top of it or you will miss the opportunity to appeal. New Trier Township is open for appeals until April 19.

Here's what you need to know:

The grounds for an appeal and supporting evidence needed are:

  • Lack of uniformity with similar properties
    The comparable properties you use should be in your neighborhood and be of similar size, construction and age to your home.

  • Error in square footage of the home or lot
    A survey is required as proof, based on measurements of the exterior of the house, excluding basements, garages and unfinished attics or porches.

  • Overvaluation
    An assessment that is more than 10% of the current market value proven by a recent appraisal or open market purchase (i.e., not a short sale or foreclosure).

There are three ways you can file an appeal:

  1. Go to the Cook County Assessor's website ( and file your appeal online.
  2. Go to the New Trier Township Office at 739 Elm St. in Winnetka and ask for assistance - they are super helpful.
  3. Hire an attorney who specializes in property tax appeals. Contact us for names of recommended attorneys.

And while we're on the subject of property taxes, you can still affect your 2017 tax obligation by making sure you have filed for all the exemptions to which you are entitled:

- Homeowner

- Senior Citizen

- Senior Freeze

- Disabled Persons

- Disabled Veterans

- Returning Veterans

Go to to file for these exemptions. All exemptions will appear as deductions on the second installment tax bills in 2018. You can visit the Township website for more information on these exemptions and how to qualify.

Keep in mind that the Homeowner Exemption is the only one which will continue to renew automatically once established. All the others must be filed for on an annual basis.

Thinking of selling?

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