We don't get a lot of snow days here in the Chicago area, but when we do, there's nothing better than an afternoon of sledding! Don't let the sub-zero temps scare you, throw on a few extra layers and head to the hills! Ok, we know in the Midwest that's easier said than done, but believe it or not we scouted the area and have come up with a list of the North Shore's best sledding locations. It may require hopping in your car, but the roads our clear and a little joy ride may do you all some good!

Here is our list of the best places to sled on the North Shore:

Lake Bluff - Blair Park Sled Hill, 355 W. Washington
This hill has lights and is open until 9:00 pm.

Glencoe - Watts Park Sledding Hill, 305 Randolph St. (across from the outdoor rink)
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This barely qualifies as a hill, but it's perfect for little kids and novice sledders. And convenient for those living in Glencoe and Winnetka.

Techny Prairie Park, 1750 Techny Rd.
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Bigger than Watts Park, and therefore good for "intermediate" sledders. It's well-lit at night nd has a warming house, which is a nice feature in sub-zero temps.

Northbrook- Wood Oaks Green, 1150 Sanders Rd.
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Now this is a hill. It's big and it's steep enough to give even teenagers a thrill. We've seen it in action and it does not disappoint.

Highland Park - Danny Cunniff Park (Formerly known as Centennial Park), 2700 Trailway St (end of Half day Rd.)
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Hill is located toward the back of the park, just south of Centennial Ice Arena.

Glenview - Flick Park, 3600 Glenview Rd.
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This one has a lighted 30 degree slope that dumps onto an open field. It's open til 10:00pm, but unsupervised. There's parking right next to the hill. Flick Park also has an outdoor skating pond when the temps are below freezing.

Glenview - John's Park, 2101 Central Rd.
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Also lighted and open til 10:00 pm, but unsupervised. There's also a skating pond.

Evanston - James Park (aka Mount Trashmore), intersection of Dodge and Oakton.
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Big, steep and bumpy, it's definitely not for toddlers. In fact, the city of Evanston now prohibits sledding on the large center hill since someone was hurt on it. The side hills are smaller but still plenty fast.

Evanston - Lovelace Park, Gross Point and Isabella
Less challenging than Mount Trashmore but kids love it.

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