Closed sign

My clients wanted to buy your house.

They really did.

Or at least they thought they did based on the description and pictures they saw on the MLS.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get in to see the house in person due to your "24 hour notice required - NO EXCEPTIONS" showing instructions. So now they have left town again, having put in an offer on another house that they liked almost as much as yours.

You see, my buyers are relocating to the North Shore from another state for a new job, and they only had this weekend to figure out where they wanted to live and find a house to buy.

Once we'd done our area tour and they had identified two or three North Shore communities to focus on, I went about setting up appointments for later that day. When I called about your house, the appointment desk told me we could not see your house because of your showing instructions. When I explained about my out-of-town buyers, he said he was very sorry, but no.

Believe me, I understand how stressful it is to have your life disrupted by people traipsing through your home at the drop of a hat. And I know how difficult it is to keep your house in showing condition at all times, especially when time on market drags on and on. It is certainly your prerogative to decide when and under what conditions to show your home. However, I noticed that your home has been on the market for 113 days and has had one price reduction already. So I respectfully suggest that, if you really want to sell your house, you may want to consider being more flexible with showings.

The more accessible you can make your home to potential buyers, the more quickly you are likely to get an offer. And the faster you get the house under contract (the data shows) the more money you will get for your home.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I had a qualified and highly motivated buyer who, in all likelihood, would have made an strong offer on your house this weekend. But once you said no to a showing, you lost them. They won't come back at a more convenient (for you) time.

Please, for your own sake, try to be more flexible the next time someone wants to see your home. You may just get an offer.

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